We offer multiple options for ceramic dental crowns!

Dr. Magers can make you a crown that’s harder, stronger, and lasts longer than metal or ceramic-on-metal crowns.

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IPS E.Max® Dental Crowns

Scientifically, they are a lithium disilicate glass-ceramic. Optimized for translucency, durability, and strength for use in crowns. That translates to the best of both worlds crown: it’s strong and looks great. The structural integrity of the crowns and bridges made from IPS e.max has been proven to be the strongest dental prosthodontic to date by a team of researchers at NYU.

IPS e.max®, an advanced pressed ceramic, has greater strength than most previously and widely used crowns. This ceramic can be used to make limited bridgework using heavy connectors. It is made from lithium disilicate crystals. This monolithic lithium-disilicate porcelain can be used for full-contour restoration or thinned down with a porcelain layer applied.


  • Beautiful translucence and extreme esthetic
  • Three times stronger than Empress
  • 400 MPa flexural strength
  • Crystals of Lithium Disilicate glass
  • You can build enamel porcelains with this ceramic crown
  • Free of metal

What are the benefits of the IPS e.max®?

  • Natural color variations and translucency
  • Superb esthetics
  • Single unit crown can be used anywhere in your mouth
  • Hypoallergenic

When can this crown be utilized?

  • Perfect for veneers,
  • thin veneers (no prep),
  • anterior crown
  • posterior crowns,
  • inlays/onlays
  • 3-unit anterior bridges,
  • and 3-unit posterior bridges (up to the second premolar as an abutment tooth)

When will the IPS e.max® not be best utilized?

  • Bridge spans exceeding 3 units
  • Bridges that extend beyond the second premolar, as an abutment tooth
  • This product is not recommended for patients with other occlusal dysfunctions or bruxers.

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