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Are you missing teeth? Dentures offer you an affordable and reliable custom solution to your problem. At Legacy Dental, we specialize in fitting customized dentures suited for your individual needs. Schedule an appointment with us to find out if dentures are the right choice for you. Our exceptional dentists will provide you with expert consultation to see if dentures would be a good fit. At Legacy Dental, we aim to provide you with a customized dental solution tailored to your lifestyle requirements.

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Types of Dentures

We offer the following denture options:

Partial Denture
If you have a few teeth missing in different locations, then a partial denture is the best solution to replace your teeth. A plastic base, colored to blend with your gums, holds the wireframe responsible for supporting your dentures and keeping them in place.

Complete Denture
If you have a medical condition or experienced trauma from the total loss of your teeth, then a complete denture procedure could be a good option for you. Over recent years, advancements in technology improved the fit and functionality of dentures that have made the procedure more effective and efficient.

Temporary Dentures
At Legacy Dental, we also provide temporary denture solutions for patients as well. Temporary dentures offer patients a dental solution while they are receiving cosmetic dentistry to replace missing teeth. With a temporary denture, you get the benefit of a natural smile while waiting for dental implants or dental bridges.

Why Choose Dentures?

Legacy Dental patients receiving dentures often experience a life-changing moment when they fit and use their dentures for the first time. Patients that had to avoid chewing on one side of their mouth due to a broken or missing tooth, now find that they can use their entire mouth for eating. Dentures provide a non-invasive method of replacing your teeth, with no surgery required.

Are There Other Dental Options?

While dentures provide patients with an affordable and practical way to replace missing teeth, it may not always be the best option for your unique needs. Cosmetic dentistry procedures offer a tremendous value that feels and looks more natural.

At Legacy Dental, we also offer hybrid procedures that utilize both implants and dentures. If you live in Burleson or the surrounding areas, book a consultation with us. During your visit, our expert dentists will examine your mouth to see if you’re a suitable candidate for the procedure.

After the examination,we will take an impression of your mouth to build a denture. After our dental team receives your denture, we implant the metal posts under the gum line and then secure the denture to the post.

This revolutionary procedure gives our patients the benefit of a fast and stable process that produces excellent results using implant technology.

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